Soaps cubes

72% EXTRA PURE cube soaps from OLIVE or Vegetable oil

For generations, it has been our concern to respect and perpetuate the production of genuine Marseille soap cooked in an old-fashioned kettle.

Thanks to its hypoallergenic and bactericidal properties, Marseille soap is highly recommended by dermatologists for sensitive skin.

Range available:
With vegetable oils (white)
In olive oil (green)

We offer these articles:
- The 1000 g cube

- The 600 g cube

- The cube of 400 g

- The cube or rectangle of 300 g

PACKAGING for professionals:

- 1000 g cube per box of 6

- Cube of 600 g per box of 10 or 40

- Cube of 400 g per box of 15 or 48

- Cube of 300 g per box of 15 or 45

- Rectangle of 300 g per box of 20 or 80

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