The flavored liquid soap



There are two types of liquid soap: liquid vegetable soap, and liquid soap made from olive oil. 
This liquid soap has many uses. 
Indeed, the one based on olive oil is more specifically used for the toilet of the dry skins and atopic tendency, and that based on vegetable oil will serve as well for the care of the linen or the leathers as to clean the normal to combination skin.


Available Range:

  • Naturel vegetal liquid soap without sence
  • Vegetable flavored with lavender essential oil
  • A base of olive oil and perfumed with essential lavender oil


These products are available in either a 500ml pump bottle or a 1-liter bottle


PACKAGING for professionals:

- 500ml pump bottle: Carton of 15 units

- 1-liter bottle: Carton of 15 units

- Bottle of 5 liters: Carton of 4 units

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  • Natural Marseille liquid soap 15 x 1000ml perfumed
    Natural Marseille liquid soap 15 x 1000ml perfumed

    Natural Liquid French Marseille Soap with Vegetable Oils. Handmade, cooked in a kettle by 'Le Serail', perfumed or not with lavender essential oil. Packed per 15 bottles with 1000 ml cap. Ideal for body hygiene.



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