Dropshipping and Sellers


If you have a webshop or want to start a webshop, you can use dropshipping. Dropshipping means that you sell products yourself through your webshop, but have the shipping of the products taken care of by another party. In this way you do not have to keep stock yourself and logistics can also make a difference in costs.

Drop shipment is useful for starting web shops, for example, to expand your product range or when you first want to try out a product before stocking. 

Pay attention! 

Vitex Natura Wholesale does not support product feeds or order links. This means that products must be entered manually and must also be ordered per order. You will, however, receive a monthly invoice from us. 


Dropshipping Terms and Conditions

Download  the general terms and conditions in PDF HERE



Sellers, manufacturers and suppliers

Vitex Natura wholesale is a wholesaler for sustainable and environmentally friendly non-food products. The wholesaler offers a lot of advantages for both the retailer and the supplier. 
The benefits for the retailer.

  • Current offers of sustainable and environmentally friendly products.
  • Possibility to order small quantities from different product groups.
  • Drop shipment options.
  • Order quickly and conveniently online.
  • Point of contact for all questions about products, deliveries and orders.
  • Point of contact for the accounts payable administration.
  • Access to all product photos and product information.
  • Fast delivery: 1-2 working day DPD \ DHL shipping up to 7-14 working days for pallet transport. 
  • Support with store and furnishing.    
  • Support with discounts, promotions and themes such as Christmas.
  • Always informed of our developments through our wholesale newsletter.

The benefits for you as a manufacturer / importer.

  • Increase in the number of points of sale.
  • No problems with small deliveries to multiple retailers.
  • Reduction in the number of inquiries from different outlets.
  • The place to refer the novice retailers to for small orders.
  • Advantage in the accounts receivable administration.
  • The focus within your company can be shifted to product development and marketing instead of the distribution and treatment of different customers.
  • We can also provide drop shipments for your company. 

Why Vitex Natura wholesale ecological products?
In recent years there has been an explosion in the range of sustainable products. The number of stores that offer these products is also growing. There are more and more shops that specialize in energy saving, fair trade products and Eco-design products.
The existing stores are also more than willing to include sustainable, environmentally friendly and Fairtrade products in their range. There is often a barrier because the products are difficult to obtain. This has to do with high delivery costs, minimum purchase and high free amounts.

To provide a solution to these problems, we believe in the 1 point for all sustainable non-food products. Every retailer who intends to also carry sustainable products only needs to register with the Vitex Natura Wholesale and has direct access to all these products.


What makes the sustainable wholesaler unique?

Of course there are a lot of wholesalers, but what makes our wholesaler unique is that we have been working with smaller farmers and artisan manufacturers for many years and therefore all our products are sustainable, environmentally friendly and energy-saving. 

The sustainable wholesaler as an alternative.

We see sustainable wholesale as a supplement and as an alternative to the current product range. 

What can you expect from us?

In addition to good cooperation with both our customers and suppliers, we ensure that the platform is up to date, where sustainable purchases can be made. We are transparent in pricing and we consult with farmers / importer / producer in case of large requests. 

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Starterspakket lavendel bio olijfolie producten

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