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Vitex Natura is an online web store that sells natural, ecologic products. 

Vitex Natura was founded on 08-08-2008 because we want to contribute to a healthier lifestyle, a slightly better world and because we love honest vegetable products. Vitex Natura Wholesale has a collection of natural, caring, and fine products for young and old. 


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SAVONNERIE Products from Le Serail, It is the last artisanal and traditional soap manufacturer in Marseille.


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SUPERCLAIR PRODUCTEN Superclaire Eko products are BIO, Ecocert - Greenlife certified, and have the European Ecolabel trademark.


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MARSEILLE SOAP FLAKES These are in our shop are a great success and one of our best selling products. With or without scent. 


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SOAP BRAND WITH A CARACTER An interesting Bio line of soap products. We invite you to use Cigale products, with respect for nature and people. Let yourself be transported by the products of "La Cigale" in the gentle heat of Provence. Enjoy the blessings of nature that we just have to reap.


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INNOVATIVE BIO SOAP PRODUCTS Competitive. Human. Environmentally friendly. An attractive margin. The legacy of 200 years of know-how of the French soap factories. All products are made with an environmentally friendly method with no petrochemicals or preservatives. Production that meets the requirements of environmental protection.


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NATURAL CHILDREN'S CLOTHING​ Not only are these gorgeous new styles natural, but they also embody the qualities and flair of a Vitex Natura Boutique garment: unique, vibrant, playful, durable, and affordable.


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SOAP FOR BABIES An interesting Bio line of baby hydrating soap products. 


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LAVENDER PRODUCTS Delicious honest products from Isparta Turkey.


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ROSE PRODUCTS  Delicious honest products from Isparta Turkey.


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ROSE PRODUCTS  Delicious products from the rose valley in Bulgaria.


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EAU DE COLOGNE The Eau de Cologne Vintage from the South of France is a truly pure and natural product that will revive all your memories.


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CAROLIN SOAP Carolin cleansing products give your tiles and modern parquet floors shine and respect their natural beauty.


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LEMON  Helps strengthen your immune system and is considered a blood purifier.


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NUTS Our nuts are suitable for use in all kinds of dishes and are perfect for a healthy diet.


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WINES The surroundings of Şirince and Cappadocia in Turkey are surrounded by vineyards and the regions are well known for its quality wines.


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VANILLA Its bewitchingly exotic, floral and warm aroma makes vanilla the queen of spices. But vanilla can do more than just serve sweet dishes. Discover how it enriches your kitchen in more different ways.


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SPICES & HERBS In the case of spices and herbs, one thing is important: the taste.
You will find a rich selection of spices and herbs from all over the world in premium quality.


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XYLITOL consumption of xylitol instead of sugar leads to a lower blood sugar increase after consumption compared to sugar and helps to maintain the mineralization of the teeth.


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  • Our involvement with local farmers and suppliers.

Because of our close involvement with local farmers and suppliers and by regularly visiting the regions where we get our products from. We can offer true quantum and quality. This way we can also deliver the best prices.
Given our wide portfolio, we can deliver almost everything.

Are you looking for specific products, which we do not yet offer on our wholesale website? Do not hesitate to ask us. We are happy to help you on the right path.





  • Delivery time.

For products that can be delivered directly from stock, shipping takes a maximum of 3 to 14 working days after payment has been received. For products that are not available from stock, shipping takes 2 to 5 weeks.

Environmental protection and animal protection are becoming increasingly more important to the guest.
More and more guests choose organic and fair trade products.
Not only from personal conviction but also from increasingly medical backgrounds.
People are increasingly more allergic, are more often overweight, or have often more high cholesterol.
It is, therefore, there is more expected of the entrepreneur.
Therefore, some products may need to be ordered.
Some products are only available on order.
We organize, plan, and edit the execution of your order as soon as possible.


  • Are you a professional?

Dropshipping. Vitex Natura Wholesale offers the option of dropshipping.

Would you like to sell Vitex Natura products in your store and enjoy the low price benefits? Do you have a VAT number and Chamber of Commerce registration?

Then sign up here. Take advantage of our wholesale prices and learn more about dropshipping.


  • We are happy to help you increase your results.

Entrepreneurs deserve a little extra help.
In the present time, it is not always easy to find enough customers. To find quality products that you like to work with. To buy these products advantageous and to get meaningful support from your suppliers. In addition, you also want to keep up to date with new developments and opportunities.
Our ambition is to help entrepreneurs with high-quality, natural products accessible to each practice and provide them with meaningful support in the field of knowledge and skills. In this way, we want to help them literally and figuratively to get more results and enjoy their profession and business.


Pamper or recover with our natural products.

Naturally beautiful. Naturally healthy.

That is 100% natural care for the whole family!

 ©   NA ten Hoeve

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Starterspakket lavendel bio olijfolie producten

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Kennismaking actie Lavendel producten

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