Disinfecting and cleansing Eau de Cologne

Properties of eau de cologne



My grandmother used to have a bottle of eau de cologne on the sink as standard.

Like so many people at that time, even if only because most people only took a bath once a week. Such a cloud of perfume covered the less pleasant smells.

Odeklonje is also useful as a home remedy for wounds, mosquito bumps, red spots, and small inflammations. You can disinfect fine with eau de cologne. The alcohol in the liquid kills any bacteria and fungus.

Mark the sore or itchy spot with a cotton swab, onto which you have dripped some eau de cologne. Use each cotton swab only for one spot, that prevents contamination. Great stuff, eau de cologne, that also smells better than iodine or another disinfectant.

It is ideal for disinfecting the hands more often and is very refreshing.

Or to disinfect the skin after shaving.


Eau de cologne in water, dissolved alcohol.

Eau de cologne can also be used for cleaning.

It is not only disinfecting but also fat and dirt dissolving.


Effective, inexpensive to use and affordable.

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