Order: Marseille shower and shampoo

Shampoo and shower in one bottle available in different scents.
Brand: Le Serail

Bottles of 500 ml. 

Again pleasantly scented shampoos and shower soaps in one bottle.
This product meets your requirements for hygiene and the well-being of your body.

Available in: amber hawthorn, verbena, tiare monoi, lavender, honey, melon, grapefruit kiwi, vanilla, rose and pear.

Description of "Le Serail"
Le Serail was founded in 1949 by Mr. Vincent Boetto.
The Le Serail Marseille soap has been around for almost half a century. As a result, art and traditional soap production are widely known. The soap mill has continued the traditional production of Marseille soap for almost half a century, according to the rules of the art.

It is located in an old remote farmhouse, the soap of Le Serail is now the heart of the area.

It is by investing hours and hours of work that this man, supported by his wife, has managed the small family business in this good way.
The soap has been recognized worldwide for its hygienic properties. But unfortunately, the size and traditional production have almost disappeared.

The soap of Le Serail is also the last Marseille factory.

This soap is of the highest quality. All natural, hypoallergenic and bactericidal virtues are recommended by pediatricians and dermatologists.

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  • Marseille shower & shampoo Lavender 12x500ml
    Marseille shower & shampoo Lavender 12x500ml

    Lavender shower shampoo le Sérail Marseille 12 x 500ml.

    Doucheschampoo scented with lavender. Without dyes. Traditional prescription, based on Marseille soap. Vegetable oils exclusively. For all skin and hair types. Effective…

  • Marseille shower & shampoo Roses 12x500ml
    Marseille shower & shampoo Roses 12x500ml

    Rosé shower shampoo le Sérail Marseille 12 x 500ml.

    Doucheschampoo scented with rose and wild rose. Beautiful delicate scents. Very feminine. Without dyes. Traditional recipe. Based on Marseille soap. Only manufactored…

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