Cleaning vinegar

Cleaning vinegar is a miracle cure in and around your home!

The craziest stains disappear and all surfaces become spotless.

Vinegar has been around for thousands of years. It is an extremely versatile and inexpensive agent that can be used for many purposes. Cleaning vinegar is biodegradable and has no adverse effect on the environment. Cleaning vinegar can even replace some of the usual laundry and cleaning products.
Cleaning vinegar is only used as a cleaning agent and not in the preparation of food. Cleaning vinegar has an acidity of 8%, which is a lot higher than natural vinegar for preparing food.

Cleaning vinegar is actually an indispensable product for a good household. Whether it concerns limescale removal, cleaning or odor suppression, cleaning vinegar is inexpensive and belongs in every household cupboard. Below you will find a selection of the applications that occur in every household.
You can use cleaning vinegar to descale your appliances (including coffee maker, kettle). Dilute the cleaning vinegar with water, let it work overnight and then rinse with water. You can also descale your taps and the shower head with hot water and a dash of cleaning vinegar.

Around the house
You can treat green deposits, algae and weeds with undiluted cleaning vinegar and let it soak in. The green deposit disappeared after a day. When the sun shines it goes even faster. Optionally, you can use a backpack sprayer or pressure pump. Ideal for your terrace, roof tiles and garden furniture. Watch out for calcareous stones and your grass, which will turn brown if cleaning vinegar gets on it.
Limescale, brown edges, algae and other dirt on the hull of your boat can be removed with undiluted vinegar and a sponge or cloth. The underwater hull can also be cleaned with green soap and a lot of cleaning vinegar. The attack and organisms are killed by the acid of the cleaning vinegar. Allow the cleaning vinegar to soak in and then spray or brush.

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