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For thorough cleaning and degreasing of surfaces and to clean and shine with a maximum of respect.

Directions for use: Irritating to eyes. Keep out of reach of children. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately and read the container or label.

Normal maintenance can be done by occasional scrubbing with a neutral natural soap (Carolin). The nourishing ingredient in this natural soap (linseed oil) will provide protection, while the soap ingredients will provide the necessary cleaning. With prolonged use, however, the built-up soap layers will negatively affect the anti-slip value of tiles.

Good for maintenance of natural stone: Desert Black, Kotah Stone, Hardstone, Travertine, most basalt types and other calcareous materials. 
For the modern floors, the Carolin soap is also very suitable for beautiful streak free cleaning. Your floors are fed and protected. 
Carolin cleaning products give your tiles and modern parquet shine and respect their natural beauty.

Natural stone maintenance; Always ask advice about this to your own natural stone supplier.


Carolin with the green cap is for inside and outside use and has extra linseed oil for when your floor needs something extra.

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  • Carolin Lavender 12xspray 650ml
    Carolin Lavender 12xspray 650ml

    Ideal for in and around the house. Caroline liquid all-purpose cleaner lavender.

    The well-known TOP brand Carolin. Fully biodegradable.

    In a handy spray bottle.

    ∙ Cleaner.
    ∙ Very powerful.
    ∙ Gentle on the hands.

  • Carolin soap lavender 12x1000ml
    Carolin soap lavender 12x1000ml

    Natural Carolin soap with fresh lavender cleans without rinsing and without leaving streaks. Cleans tiles, sealed parquet and linoleum in a natural and sustainable way.

    Directions for use: 1 cap in 1/2 bucket of water


  • Carolin soap orange 12x1000ml
    Carolin soap orange 12x1000ml

    Natural Carolin soap with orange blossom. Cleans without rinsing and without leaving streaks. Cleans laminate, linoleum, glazed tiles and all types of slate.

    Directions for use: 1 cap in 1/2 bucket of water.

    Caution: Irritating…

  • Carolin soap black 12x1000ml
    Carolin soap black 12x1000ml

    CAROLIN Natural Soap contains a lot of 100% natural vegetable soap, glycerin and linseed oil.

    Black soap originated in Morocco, where a 3,500-year-old syrian formula for soft soap was enriched with olive oil.
    Thanks to its…

  • Carolin soap linseed oil 2x5000ml
    Carolin soap linseed oil 2x5000ml

    Natural Carolin soap with the blue cap with linseed oil. Cleans thoroughly and protects against stains. Specially developed to be used with every cleaning. It thoroughly cleans all floors, without rinsing and without leaving…

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