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The qualities of baking soda

Baking soda comes in three main qualities: technical, food, and pharmaceutical. Even if we find them under the same name of sodium bicarbonate (or baking soda), they have different purity criteria. Technical baking soda should only be used for household use. The food soda is identified with the FCC code. It is the most versatile since it can be used for home maintenance as well as body care, for animals and also in the garden.


Bicarbonate is available in different particle sizes (size of the grains that compose it) a very fine particle size (extra fine bicarbonate) is suitable for body care and for making your own cosmetics and deodorant for example, while a large particle size (large baking soda) will be more practical for rubbing powder on a sponge or brush. There is also an intermediate particle size (fine particle size) which is the most versatile.


Bulk Examples of Baking Soda Uses

• Whiten teeth without scratching the enamel

• Relaxing bath

• Dry shampoo (no poo)

• Deodorant for the whole body

• Deodorize and sanitize baskets and cages

• Clean carpets, rugs and bedding from allergens (mites, molds, etc.)

• Make your glasses and silverware shine

• Clean burnt pots or casseroles

• Remove cooking residue

• Remove bad odors (fridge, oven, cupboard, garage etc.)

• Deodorize sofas, rugs and carpets

• Remove traces of food or lime from your sinks, taps, and hobs

• Prevent scale formation in your machine

• Relieve and deodorize feet

• Clean fruits and vegetables

• Deodorize the refrigerator

• Facilitate digestion

• Lift the pastries

• Relieve canker sores and gums


Soap 80gr Detachant (stain remover) with Sodium bicarbonate.

Extra strong vegetable stain remover for textile. Does not contain any animal substances but has the same result. Strong concentrated Marseille soap with sodium bicarbonate. Removed stains on fabrics, floor coverings, curtains, hands. Fat stains, dirt, fruit stains, mayonnaise, herbs, wine, coffee, chocolate, lipstick, blood, ink.

Authentic traditional stained soap. This soap can be used directly on difficult to remove stains in textile. Add a grid to a washing machine for extra powerful washing results.

Ecological formula: no preservative, color or synthetic perfume. Made in Marseille. Respects the skin and the environment: the absence of additive limits the risk of allergic reaction and ensures rapid and complete biodegradability. Can be used on all fabrics.

First, make the soap wet with water. Then coat the stain with the wet soap and rub the soap thoroughly. Then let the soap retract and wash it in the washing machine or wash it by hand.

Pay attention! First test on a less visible part of the fabric. To make sure the garment properly tolerates the soap. Keep out of reach of children!

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    Soap with sodium bicarbonate 160 x 80gr
    Soap with sodium bicarbonate 160 x 80gr

    Soap Detachant With Sodium Bicarbonate.

    Extra strong natural stain remover for textiles. It does not contain any animal substances like oxen gall but has the same result. Strong concentrated Marseille soap with sodium…

  • Soap with sodium bicarbonate 12x200gr
    Soap with sodium bicarbonate 12x200gr

    Soap Detachant with Sodium Bicarbonate.

    Extra strong vegetable stain remover for textiles. Does not contain animal substances such as ox gall, but has the same result. Highly concentrated Marseille soap with sodium bicarbonate.…

  • Soap with sodium bicarbonate 12x200gr
    Soap with sodium bicarbonate 12x200gr

    SOAP DETACHANT WITH SODIUM BICARBONATE.Extra strong vegetable stain remover for after work. With lemon scent to neutralize unpleasant odors.
    Removes dirt from hands thanks to olive stones and baking soda. Does not contain animal…

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