Order: Black liquid houshold soap

Made from olive oil and linseed oil, it has a washing and protective power for all soils because the linseed oil, when dried, forms a protective film and gives a remarkable shine.

With its active ingredients and 100% vegetable origin, the black soap is ideal for cleaning, renovating, shining, and cleaning.


The uses of this black cleaning soap are inexhaustible, some examples:

  • Cleaning floors and tiles: suitable for all surfaces
  • Cleaning oily surfaces such as a stove, extractor hood, baked-on pans, or the barbecue. Mold edges at the counter or in the bathroom also disappear like snow in the sun with a little black soap.
  • Cleans and nourishes leather: coats, sofas, car interiors, and saddles.
  • A natural shampoo for your dog or horse.
  • Detergent for the washing machine also stains remover.
  • Washing the car, bicycle, boat, etc.
  • Protect plants against aphids and other insects



The liquid black soaps from Le Serail are available as,

- 1-liter bottle: Carton of 15 units

- 2-liter bottle: Carton of 6 units

- 5-liter bottle: Carton of 4 units



Superclair's liquid black soaps are available as,

- 750 ml bottle: Carton of 6 units

- 1-liter bottle: Carton of 12 units

- 5-liter jug: Carton of 24 units

- 25-liter jug: Carton of 6 units

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