Eau de Cologne à l'Ancienne rose 10x125ml

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The Eau de Cologne à l'Ancienne

the 9 scents available:
Like classic scents, honeysuckle, lemon, jasmine, lavender, lily of the valley, Natural, Rose, Vetiver and fragrant violets.

Eau de Cologne à l'Ancienne​

These wonderfully scented Eau de Cologne perfumes, of excellent quality, are manufactured in Grasse.

This Eau de Cologne à l'Ancienne​ is a classic and traditional product as we like it.

The Eau de Cologne à l'Ancienne​ from the South of France is a truly pure and natural product, which will revive all your memories.

These à l'Ancienne​ Eau de Colognes are a unique product from Grasse.

Presented in its beautifully perky tough classic bottles.


Packing for wholesale sales:

- 125 ml bottle: Carton of 10 units

- 250 ml bottle: Cardboard of 10 units​

- 125 ml or 250 ml bottle: Cardboard assortment of 9 units


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Environmental protection and animal protection are becoming increasingly important for humans.
More and more guests are opting for organic and fair trade products.
Not only from personal conviction, but also from an increasing number of medical backgrounds.
People are becoming more and more allergic, are more often overweight or often have higher cholesterol. That is why more and more is expected of the entrepreneur. Therefore, some products have to be ordered. Some products are only available to order.
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De Eau de Cologne à l'Ancienne​ uit Grasse Zuid frankrijk

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