Glycerine soaps

Try our special glycerine soap.

It contains more glycerine than regular soap. Our glycerine soaps are soft and transparent.

Glycerin is known to draw moisture from the environment. It is also called a humectant.
Glycerin (glycerol) is simply found in nature. In the past, glycerine was extracted from animal fat and tallow and it was a by-product for making soap. Today, glycerine is also extracted from vegetable fats.
Glycerine is part of almost all oils and fats and is even a substance that occurs in the human body.

Pure glycerin can dry out the skin. Since glycerin extracts moisture from the air, it will normally become saturated and act as a source of moisture for the skin.

Functions of Glycerin:
Restore the skin. Glycerin fills the small cracks in the skin. The cracks remain moist and therefore have a chance to recover.
In addition, glycerine is not irritating to dry and sensitive skin.

Multi-Pack - an indispensable product.
Versatile: For body cleansing and hand hygiene.
Obtained by direct saponification of neutral oils with the Marseille method.

Consumer unit 4x200g / 8 pieces per package.

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  • Marseille glycerin soap 32 x 200g
    Marseille glycerin soap 32 x 200g
    € 29,95

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