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Dill is closely related to fennel. In contrast to fennel, dill usually forms only one stalk that can grow up to 60 cm high. The leaves are finely cut. Dille goes well in the kitchen with sour ingredients such as vinegar, yogurt and sour cream.


Always buy dill fresh: the stalks must be firm and the leaves should not show discoloration.


Dill is difficult to keep. Plucked stalks quickly become slack: therefore always use the dill as soon as possible after purchase.


Fresh dill green is fine and decorative on salads. Minced meat is part of fresh cheese and in vinaigrettes. Fresh leaves also form an excellent herb in soups, fish dishes, mussels and eel.
Always add fresh dill leaves shortly before serving, otherwise, they will lose their aroma.
Dill seeds make heavier digestible dishes lighter, so they fit well in cabbage dishes and with oily fish.


Dill promotes digestion and has a soothing influence.

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  • Dill 432 Kilo
    Dill 432 Kilo

    Fresh dill in bundles of 100-150 grams.
    Packed in boxes of 3 kilos. E 9, -Per pallet 144 boxes of 3 kilos = 432 kilos

    144 cases x Euro 9, - = E 1296, -

    Please note. In connection with weekly price fluctuations.
    Our prices are…

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