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Do you eat two bananas a day? This is what happens to your body ...

Eating bananas can have a significant impact on your health, nutrition experts and scientists have invented.

It just looks like a piece of yellow fruit that you eat occasionally if you're hungry, but do not be mistaken: the banana is so much more than that. Recently it has been shown that bananas can have a considerable influence on your body ... and more than you ever thought possible.

Bananas are full of natural energy boosts. Fructose, glucose, fiber ... just to name a few. A banana is such an energy bomb, that when you eat two, you have accumulated enough energy to exercise for one and a half hours. Many athletes, therefore, prefer this elongated piece of fruit to every other member of the fruit basket.

For example, set the banana against the apple. It is said that you can not compare apples and pears, but with bananas and apples the difference quickly becomes clear: bananas contain twice more minerals and carbohydrates, three times more phosphorus, four times more protein and even five times more vitamin A and iron. You need all those nutrients every day to survive, and the banana has them in much larger quantities.

But the banana can give you a big boost in addition to your energy level: for example, they also help against hangovers. A banana milkshake with honey soothes the stomach, increases the blood sugar level to break down the alcohol faster and also moisturizes the dried out body.

The banana also helps you with mental ailments. Depressed people benefit from the tryptophan contained in these yellow fruit pieces. This substance works directly on the brain, making it easier to relax, which immediately improves your mood. The vitamin B6 of bananas also helps women who suffer from the monthly depression PMS - or the 'premenstrual syndrome'.

In the summer months, you also benefit from bananas, because they are your first aid for those irritating mosquito bites. All you have to do is rub the inside of banana peels over the mosquito bites, and you will immediately see that the swelling and gigantic itching are significantly less.

And the list goes on: bowel movements, nerves, sores and temperature control ... the banana offers a solution for a lot of different ailments!

But the most beautiful? In contrast to expensive medicines, the banana is available everywhere. Just at the greengrocer or the supermarket. So what are you waiting for? It is time to let the fruit basket turn yellow!

By Tim Engelbart November 3, 2015


Did you also know that;

Ripe bananas (number 7) produce so-called tumor necrosis factor (TNF). This is a substance that can fight abnormal cells in our body. The more dark areas a banana has, the more mature it is. In addition, a more mature banana offers many advantages for our immune system.

Scientists in Japan have confirmed that the TNF in bananas helps to fight cancer cells and also contributes to strengthening the immune system. They believe that certain diseases and tumors can be prevented by eating ripe bananas.

The content of the fruit changes when it ripens. When the banana matures, the color turns out to change and the antioxidants present in the banana increase. The ripened banana where black spots develop is easier to digest.

The immune system is strengthened by ripe bananas because the number of white blood cells is increased after eating. To achieve this, a recommendation is given of 1 or 2 bananas per day. Bananas with brown spots have proven to give better health benefits than bananas without stains.


What happens to your body after eating bananas with black spots?

TNF can help in the fight against cancer cells. The effect that bananas have on the body is connected to Lentinan. Lentinan is a sugar molecule. In laboratory studies, lentinan does not kill cancer cells directly but instead strengthens some aspects of the immune system, which can help to slow tumor growth. In laboratory studies, lentinan kills viruses and microbes directly. Eating bananas, therefore, causes an increase in white blood cells that prevent negative cell mutations.

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