Xylitol instead of sugar

Vital Cell life Xylitol 1000 grams

Consumption of xylitol instead of sugar leads to a lower blood glucose increase after consumption compared with sugar and helps to maintain the mineralization of the teeth.

Application and use:

Consumption of xylitol (source: Birch) Xylitol can be used to sweeten beverages and food. The sweetness of xylitol is similar to that of sugar (sucrose).

Allergen information:

The product is free of general allergens.


Despite the fact that you may travel a lot and eat healthy, you can sometimes use a helping hand in the field of health. That's what Vital Cell Life understands like no other. Therefore, the brand has produced food supplements that will keep your health intact. With Vital Cell Life, your resistance stays good, allowing you to wind, rain and other outside conditions. Because of Vital Cell Life you just have that little extra energy that will help you. Note: Food supplements do not take over your entire eating pattern. It is only a tool that can keep your vitamins and minerals intact. Vital Cell Life is used by the whole family. That's why everyone should actually have it in the closet.

Is xylitol carcinogenic or dangerous?

Birch sugar or xylitol - the synonym for the sugar alcohol pentane, which has become famous as a caries-inhibiting sugar substitute. He achieved great prominence mainly because its sweetening power of sucrose (= table sugar) corresponds, but the calorie count per gram of xylitol (best known name for pentane) only a little more than half the calories of sucrose, the sugar alcohol pentane pentecole enjoys ever greater popularity. Initially, it was only used as toothpaste and chewing gum, but now chocolate, candies and spreads with xylitol are used, and it is also popular for baking. The effect on dental health has been studied in several studies (for example, there are the Finnish Turku sugar studies).

Are there any side effects of birch sugar?

The only side effect of xylitol so far is the (possible) laxative effect at the beginning of the intake and excessive enjoyment known. In contrast to other sugar substitutes such as sorbitol, xylitol has a habituation effect on the organism.

☛ Our recommendation
- Less calories than table sugar
- Supports tooth mineralization
- Also tolerated by diabetics
- 100% vegan, gluten-free


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  • Xylitol sugar 1000g
    Xylitol sugar 1000g
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