Vanilla recipes







Vanilla recipes
If you ever wanted to know how to cook a vanilla sauce without vanillin out of the bag, you are in the right place. But we have also put together some not so well-known recipes here for you.

Vanilla sauce

It goes well with many desserts and desserts. Prepared with less sugar (1/2 - 1 tsp), it also tastes good with fish.

Ingredients (4 servings):

400 ml of milk
250 ml of cream
2 tbsp sugar
1 tsp cornstarch
2 egg yolks
1 vanilla pod

Fillet the vanilla pod and scratch out the pith. Milk, cream, the marrow and the vanilla pod boil together. Beat the egg yolk, sugar and starch well and slowly add to the boiling liquid, stirring well. Bring to a boil and remove the vanilla pod, rinse well and dry. It can still be reused several times.

Panna cotta

"Cooked cream" tastes good with itself or with all kinds of sweet sauces, e.g. Caramel, chocolate or fruits.

Ingredients (4 servings):

500 ml of cream
70 g of sugar
3 leaves gelatin
2 vanilla pods

Fillet the vanilla pods and scratch out the marrow. Soak the gelatin. Simmer the cream, the marrow and the vanilla pods together on a low flame for 15 minutes. Stir. Remove the vanilla pod, rinse well and dry. It can still be reused several times. Add gelatine and stir. The whole thing in glasses (if you want to eat the glitch cotta from the glass) or fill in molds and let rest in the refrigerator for 3 hours.

Creme brulee

Here we need a small gas burner for caramelization. The dessert should be enjoyed immediately, so that the créme is cold and the crust warm.

Ingredients (4 servings):

300 ml of cream
100 ml of milk
100 g of sugar for the cream
50 g cane sugar for caramelization
3 egg yellow
1 vanilla pod

Fillet the vanilla pod and scratch out the pith. Cream, milk, the marrow and the vanilla pod boil together. Beat the egg yolks with the sugar until frothy and mix with the vanilla cream. Put the whole in molds and bake in a waterbath in a preheated oven at 150 ° for about 30 minutes until a skin has formed. Let the crème cool down and refrigerate for 3 hours. Sprinkle the cane sugar on the now firm créme, heat with the gas burner until it is caramelized and serve immediately.

Rhum arrangé

Very popular on Madagascar, Mauritius and La Réunion. So there, where vanilla and sugarcane are grown.


1 bottle (0.7 l) of brown rum
2 -3 tablespoons of cane sugar
2 vanilla pods

Fillet the vanilla pods and add the sugar to the rum. Leave the rum for at least 3 months in cool and dark surroundings. Occasionally shake the rum.

vanilla biscuits

Who invented it? The Austrians! Vanillekipferln have long been popular with us and not only at Christmas time.


250 g flour
200 g of butter
100 g of ground almonds
80 g of powdered sugar
70 g of sugar
2 egg yolks
1 pinch of salt
2 vanilla pods

Put flour on the work surface. Make a dimple in the middle and add sugar, egg yolk, pith of vanilla pod and salt. Add almonds and butter flakes and knead well until a smooth consistency results. Cover in a bowl and allow to rest in the fridge for 60 minutes.

Form the dough into 1/2 cm thick and 5 cm long croissants and place on the non-greased baking tray. Bake in a preheated oven on a medium rack at 180 ° for about 10 minutes until golden brown. Roll the kipferln in powdered sugar.

German "Elsässer Apfelkuchen" apple pie

Tasty and healthy does not have to be a contradiction.


250 g flour
125 g of butter
150 g of sugar
1000 g of apples
125 ml white wine
125 ml cream
2 eggs
grated lemon peel
1 pinch of salt
2 vanilla pods

Beat butter, 80 g of sugar and salt until fluffy. Add flour and wine and knead. Chill for 30 minutes.

Lay out a springform pan with the dough and chill. Peel apples, cut in half and remove the seeds. Place the half apples with the cut surface on the dough and sprinkle with sugar. Bake in the oven at 220 ° for about 30 minutes.

Beat the remaining sugar, the pith of the vanilla pods, the lemon peel with the eggs and the cream until fluffy. Spread the whole over the cake and bake for another 10 minutes.

Vanilla salad dressing à la Combava

Lime and vanilla - that tastes like summer!


120 ml of olive oil
50 ml of lemon juice
30 ml of aceto balsamic
3 tbsp sugar
1 Tl Combava
Mark of 2 vanilla pods

Bring the lemon juice, sugar, combava and vanilla seeds to a boil and allow to cool. Stir in olive oil and salt and pepper for extra taste.

Vanilla tonka cream

Cakes, fruit salads and coffee taste better with cream! Even better, when the cream is spiced up with two exotic flavors.

Ingredients (4 servings, less for coffee):

500 ml of cream
60 g of sugar
1 tonka bean
1 vanilla pod

Grate tonka bean on a nutmeg grater and scratch out the vanilla pod. Boil the Tonka and vanilla with 150 ml of cream and simmer for a few minutes over low heat. Set aside and let it cool off. Add the remaining cream and the sugar and beat until stiff.

Lobster a la vanilla

Sea meets jungle and that fits!

Ingredients for four persons:

4 lobsters
1000g carrots
1000g of spinach
3 shallots
1 liter of champagne or sparkling wine
300 g of butter
200 ml of liquid cream
Pepper, salt and sugar
3 vanilla pods

Cook the lobster in the oven for about 8 minutes. Open the tank. In a casserole, reduce the shallots, the champagne and the fillet of vanilla pods. Add the cream and reduce further. 250 g of butter, pass through a sieve and season with pepper and salt.

Cook the spinach with the remaining butter for 5 minutes. Peel the carrots, cut into thin slices and cook with plenty of butter, pepper, salt and sugar in plenty of water for about 10 minutes.

Place the spinach on the center of the plate and the lobster, place the carrots around it. Pour the sauce over it.

Vanilla oil

Easy to make and very easy to use, vanilla oil goes perfectly well with fish and seafood


500 ml of oil, preferably a neutral one like rapeseed or sunflower
3 vanilla pods

Fillet the vanilla pods, add to the oil and leave for at least 1 week. Gently shake occasionally.

Beurre à la vanille de Madagascar recipe / Self-made vanilla butter
from La Pâticesse

Ingredients for approx. 125 g of self-made vanilla butter "Beurre à la vanille de Madagascar"

Beurre à la vanille de Madagascar

400 g of cream
For each 120 g of buttered butter
3 g Cassonade, raw cane sugar
1 - 2 vanilla pods, depending on size, budget and taste.

Beat the cold cream with the whisk in your food processor (at the highest level) until the whipped cream turns into whipped cream and finally to butter and buttermilk.
Then pour everything through a sieve, catch the fresh buttermilk and enjoy.
Rinse the butter in the strainer under cold water and knead with a wooden spoon until the water is clear and all the remaining buttermilk is rinsed off. Drain the butter lump well and pat dry with a kitchen towel.
Pour the sugar (cassonade), depending on the amount and taste, a little in a mortar, cut the vanilla pods, scrape them and work them into the self-buttered fresh butter together with the cassonade.
Form the vanilla butter into a block or shape it as desired (wood-butter molds or silicone molds) and chill.


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