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Flavored sachets.

These handcrafted sachets are made with care. The bags are available in different flavors and colors. They are filled with a variety of lavender and dried flower petals. The addition of lavender and dried petals provide for a combination of soft scents and a particulate aroma. The petals are of high quality and fragrance sachets retain their scent long. The bag is made of cotton, the flowers are made of silk and paper, the bee is made of wood. Great to give as gifts. For example as guests present at a wedding, reception or baby shower. They are also ideal for the linen closet, the bathroom, the toilet or even in the car. The bags smell wonderful.

Rose petals have a relaxing and comforting effect.
• Rose: Rose fragrance has a sensual effect and creates balance.


It calms the nerves, soothes, is uplifting and brings the mind into balance. Because of the balancing properties, lavender is uplifting, suppresses depression and restores the inner harmony. All reasons to pick this particular herb home.
• Lavender: Longs for vacation, freedom, and relaxation. It works fast.



Only available by;
- The sachets are sold minimum by 16 sachets.
Width: 10 cm - Height: 14 cm


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